New Book Reveals: The secrets that Realtors® don't want you to know about selling your home quickly, for top dollar!

This book reads like a conversation between's a Realtor® tell-all, sweeping away the jargon and marketing hype and casting light on how easy it really can be to sell your home, and have fun doing it!

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In this Groundbreaking Book You Will Discover...

  • What Realtors® DON'T Want you to Know!

    Most realtors employ the “set it and forget it!” marketing plan, and rely on price alone to get your home sold.  Learn what it takes to get your home sold for absolute top dollar!

  • Which Fix-Ups Give Biggest Bang for Buck

    Make your home stand out on the market – quickly, easily, and for the least investment of cash!  Don’t waste your money on un-productive improvements!

  • Set the Right Price To Get Top Dollar!

    Learn why the price you set for your home is crucial for the success of your home sale, and how to set the right price, right from the get-go.  See how the wrong price will end up costing you!

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This is easily the most insightful book on home sales I've ever read!  It's a real page turner, I read the whole thing in one go!

R. Northen
R. Northen Merexa, LLC

I couldn’t put Get It Sold! down! It reads like a conversation between friends – fast paced, yet very clear and informative, with excellent advice home owners can act on to sell; Seb's guide makes clear what, why, and how a seller can learn and: SELL...For Sure!

Dan Miles
Dan Miles Monterey Bay Real Estate Services
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