Resources and Tools for California Homeowners

Resources and Tools
Resources and Tools for Homeowners

Along with the SellForSure University, we have a number of resources and tools for home owners, including a number of useful guides, reports, spreadsheets, disclosures, and forms. Our Home Selling guide is a written compendium of much of what can be seen in the SellForSure University. Our guide to Sell your home in Seconds gives details on how to stage your home to maximum effect. Our “For Sale By Owner” Guidebook contains a complete strategy for selling your home on your own, without a Realtor. If you’d prefer not to sell your home, but circumstances dictate that a loan modification would work better for you, we offer a Loan Modification Guidebook. We also have spreadsheets to help you calculate if it makes sense for you to upsize or downsize, now or later, and also to help you calculate exactly how much you will walk away with upon the sale of your home.

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Seller Net Sheet

How much will you walk away with when your home sells? Know ahead of time with our Seller Net Sheet!

Home Repair Helper Worksheet

Our Custom worksheet which helps you determine what repairs you could be making to boost your sale price and cash out at closing.

SellForSure Webinar

The No BS Webinar on Selling Your Home for Top Dollar at Lowest Cost

Savvy Seller Seminar

Watch a replay of our live Home Seller Seminar, Recorded January 2019

Get it Sold! Book

Get it Sold! is a groundbreaking book which shows home owners how to get the very most out of their home, selling quickly and for top dollar!

Consumer's Guide to Real Estate Staging

This guide is provided courtesy of the Real Estate Staging Association

Home Selling Guide

Want to get the most money possible for your home, on a timeline that works for you? Check out our Home Selling Guide!

Sell Your Home in Seconds!

Learn how to prepare, maintain, and show your home so it will sell - in seconds!

SellForSure University

The SellForSure University will teach you everything you need to know about selling your home. Explore nine modules of text and video!

For Sale By Owner Guidebook

Going it alone, or at least thinking about it? Get this comprehensive resource for owners wanting to sell "by owner."

Short Sale Guidebook

If you are under water on your mortgage and in financial distress, a Short Sale may be for you.

Listing Agreements

The standard California Residential Listing Agreements - five varieties!

Purchase Agreement

Standard California Residential Purchase Agreement, and a "crib sheet."

Standard Disclosure Forms

Set of standard disclosure forms used for sales of homes in California.

Loan Modification Guidebook

Having trouble making your mortgage payments? You may qualify for a Loan Modification - find out how with this guide!

Upsizing & Downsizing

Thinking of upsizing or downsizing? Run the numbers and see when - and if - it makes sense for you!

ellForSure Audiobook

Get the full scoop on the SellForSure Home Sale System with this two-hour audiobook!

Flip your Own Home

Flip your own home and take all the money off the table at closing

Boost Your Home's Value by $50/sf or more

Learn which easy fixups will boost your home value by $50/sf or more

How to Sell Fast for Cash

Need to sell quickly? This report shows how to find a fast cash buyer for your home.

Five Seller Negotiating Strategies

Top 5 Seller Negotiating Strategies to get you the best price

Four Reasons to Sell Now

Four reasons you shouldn't wait to sell your home.

There's a lot more to know about selling real estate than in just about any other kind of sale.  Learn everything you need to know with SellForSure University.



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